• Support for modern mobile banking
• Browsers and OS independent
• Advanced analytics module


• One click payment
• Personal finances
• ATM and branches locator


• Interactive real time graphic view
• Integration with social networks
• YouTube integration


• based on CMS and portal principles
• support for user segmentation
• Contact Centres Ready

New vision of banking

It is time for BankingOnline solution that meets the requirements of your business and marketing.

Users who have tried iBanking do not want to return to the traditional electronic banking. iBanking solution is a personalized portal that provides personal and enhanced user experience. iBanking is a new, interactive BankingOnline portal of great flexibility and high level of security, based on Microsoft technology (. NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2008). In addition to the improved financial modules and integration with heterogeneous systems, iBanking enables data collection and analysis for quality reporting and usage in marketing campaigns. The system of widgets provides the management of different data groups in the field of banking services and products. Information display is adaptable to what the user wants to see, which group of users they belong to and from which platform they are accessing.
“iBanking solution enables banks to develop new financial services without a major impact to their back office systems. This gives product managers at banks a very agile solution and a rapid delivery approach to meet their client needs.”

Joseph Pagano, Managing Director
Banking and Capital Markets, Worldwide Financial Services
Microsoft Corp.

Latest News

  • 5th iBanking User Group

5th iBanking User Group

  • November 23rd, 2015

The fifth iBanking User Group, traditional gathering of the iBanking users, was held in [...]

’The implementation of the iBanking solution has been a strategic move for Société Générale Banka Srbija. It aimed at offering the newest technology and electronic banking solution in the Serbian market
Vuk Kosovac, Executive Director, Strategic development and marketing, Societe Generale Banka Srbija a.d.
AIK Bank follows the trends closely and knows a sure way to improve the customer’s satisfaction nowadays is by offering the multi-channel banking services.
Igor Pivalica,

Executive Director, New banking technologies and project management Department, AIK Bank

Societe Generale Bank has decided to migrate from existing corporate e-banking solutions to the new iBanking system in order to offer an expanded level of functionality to corporate clients.
Dejan Glescic,

Executive Director
Societe Generale

With functionally and visually advanced forms, two-way communication, multimedia… iBanking has evolved into an application that has great potential.
Sasa Bilanovic,

Deputy Head of E-Channel Sales Department
Raiffeisen Bank

After careful analysis of eBanking products on the market, Banca Intesa has realized that Saga’s progressive approach can help the bank to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by using alternative channels to access financial information.
Zorana Brankovic,

Head of e-service Unit
Banca Intesa

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